Discover which events you will find in the Italian region of Marche

How will the weather be?

Did you know?

It seems that, on average, tourists spend more than 6 days in the Marche, staying there longer than in any other Italian region.

The Marche region has also one of the highest life expectancy rate in Italy.

The landscape

For the environmental protection and landscape policies that were undertaken, for the wise use of land, for the promotion of local products, for the commitment in improving farmers’ living conditions as well as citizens’ ones, the Marche region was awarded 44 Bandiere Verdi Agricoltura (literally, “Green Flags of agriculture”) in 2009.

The “Green Flag” award, born in the Marche region and then spread throughout Italy, is given to provinces, municipalities, farms, mountain communities and parks that were noteworthy for the preservation and enhancement of the environment and landscape, also with tourist purposes.

Among the Marche’s towns and villages which the “Green Flag” flies over, we recommend the following ones:

Macerata Appignano
Loro Piceno
Ancona Corinaldo
Maiolati Spontini
Morro D’Alba
Serra Dei Conti
Ascoli Piceno Acquaviva Picena