Discover which events you will find in the Italian region of Marche

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Did you know?

It seems that, on average, tourists spend more than 6 days in the Marche, staying there longer than in any other Italian region.

The Marche region has also one of the highest life expectancy rate in Italy.


The Marche’s rich cultural heritage is not only due to the abundance of castles, fortresses, monasteries, shrines, churches and archaeological sites. The identity of this beautiful region is also contained in the historical and artistic heritage that are preserved in its many museums.

The Marche region has the highest Italian ratio of population to museums: for a population of over 1.5 million people, there are about 400 museums (almost a museum every 4,000 inhabitants).
In addition to museums, there are more than 300 libraries and archives.

To access over a hundred museums and archaeological sites for free throughout the region, just obtain the Musei Marche card (literally, “the Marche’s Museums card”), which may be valid for one year or 10 days.

With Musei Marche card you could not only benefit from discounts and promotions at events and exhibitions that require a ticket, but you could also take advantage of favorable prices in all partner shops.

The Musei Marche card, which is absolutely free for children from 0 to 6 years, can be purchased at a reduced price by people under 26 or over 65, as well as by members of the same family.

To learn how to get this card, please call toll-free 800.439392 or check the website