Discover which events you will find in the Italian region of Marche

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It seems that, on average, tourists spend more than 6 days in the Marche, staying there longer than in any other Italian region.

The Marche region has also one of the highest life expectancy rate in Italy.


… In the heart of the Marche region

Appignano is a charming hill village located in the heart of the Marche region, in central Italy, at an altitude of around 200 m above sea level.

Considered one of the smallest burgs in the province of Macerata, Appignano occupies an area of just 29 km2 and is inhabited by almost 4,000 people.

Nationally known for its pottery and for the production of furniture and clothing, Appignano is also full of companies that operate in different business areas.

In addition to its characteristic Old Town and to its Town Hall, which was built in 1790 by architect Mattia Capponi from Cupramontana, many are the monuments of art and architecture to be seen in Appignano:

  • Convent of Forano, dating from the 13th century and known for having hosted, according to tradition, St. Francis of Assisi;
  • Church of the Addolorata (Our Lady of Sorrows), built for the first time in the Middle Ages and rebuilt from 1746 onwards;
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist), built in the 16th century and renovated in the 18th century.
  • Villa Tusculano, a villa built in the Napoleonic era under the will of Count Leopoldo Armaroli and following the project of architect Giuseppe Nadi from Bologna.

Do not miss Bellente il brigante, a traditional dinner with typical dishes of the 19th century, which takes place every summer on the Town Hall Square of Appignano. Around the guests, actors in period costumes evoke the habits of Appignano’s inhabitants in 1812, when life was influenced by the contradictions of the Napoleonic state and by the legacy of the papal authority. Among the events of the period that are represented in this festival, there are the stories of characters who really existed.
For futher information about this event, click on Bellente il brigante.

In early autumn, Appignano hosts another successful event: Leguminaria. It is a gastronomic event dedicated to legumes (chickpeas, beans, lentils and roveja).
All dishes are prepared according to grandma’s recipes and are then served in earthenware bowls specially made for the occasion by Appignano’s master potters.

Much appreciated by lovers of rural tourism, the village of Appignano is ideal for short or long term stay dedicated to well-being and culture.