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Did you know?

It seems that, on average, tourists spend more than 6 days in the Marche, staying there longer than in any other Italian region.

The Marche region has also one of the highest life expectancy rate in Italy.

Our region

Appignano is a lovely hilly village, much appreciated by lovers of rural tourism and ideal for short or long term stay dedicated to well-being and culture.

The immortal beauty of landscapes and burgs, their history, their mild climate, Le Marche people’s friendliness, their extraordinary food and wine culture, as well as the valuable local traditions, all this makes Appignano, the province of Macerata and the rest of the region not only an area rich in attractions, but also an excellent destination for an exciting holiday.

Thanks to the long-distance connections ensured by an extensive network of good roads and by efficient public transport services, participating in the events organized by Macerata’s municipalities or moving from Appignano towards the coast or the mountains is extremely simple.

Come and stay at the La Colombaia country hotel! Here you can learn about the surrounding area by following the itineraries that best fit your interests and passions.

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