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It seems that, on average, tourists spend more than 6 days in the Marche, staying there longer than in any other Italian region.

The Marche region has also one of the highest life expectancy rate in Italy.

Where we are

The La Colombaia country hotel is located in the rural heart of Appignano, one of the smallest villages in the province of Macerata (Marche – Italy). At about 200 meters above the sea level, Appignano occupies a hilly area of just 29 km2 and is inhabited by almost 4,000 inhabitants.

Set halfway between the mountains and the sea, both within half an hour from this hotel, La Colombaia enjoys a wide and picturesque view of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding villages.

The La Colombaia country hotel is situated at the following address:

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